Exfoliation is the secret to soft, smooth skin. Our scrubs include products for hands, body, and face that exfoliate dead skin with sugar, coffee(Organic-Fair Trade) and coarse salt, dead sea salt, black salt, and Himalayan salt.
Coffee Scrubs
Coffee has powerful antioxidants that give food to the skin. Free radicals are responsible for skin damages, sun spots, premature skin aging, and wrinkles. Coffee removes the free radicals from the skin with the help of effective antioxidants and makes reduces the wrinkles and fine lines. Regular application of body scrub can tighten your skin and brightening the skin. For this reason, caffeine is widely used in anti-aging creams in conjunction with retinol.
Another great benefit of caffeine is that it is supposed to help to remove cellulite on the skin. It dehydrates the fatty cells and in turn, water and fat disappear from the surface of the skin, thus temporary minimizing the appearances of cellulite.  
                             Coffee Scrub